I want to tell you a story of one charity organisation we have here in Poland. It started when I was a kid and now has the so called 22nd grand finale, I remember first Woodstock Festivals, how crazy and controvesial it was, gathering all kinds of people, from death metal fans to priests, and the man who started it, Jurek Owsiak, who always says “it will play till the end of the world and one more day”

The grand finale is always in January, great counting of the gathered funds is a celebration, you can see people helping _everywhere_, many proud to have their sticker every year, meaning they took part and gave something, does not matter if it’s under one dollar value. The money goes to the children and lately also to the older people health care. The equipment bought for hospitals etc. is amazing and it saved so many lives I can’t even wrap my mind aroud it.. I always thought of it as maybe the only event that unites my nation so much, seriously.

This year I had my chance to finally give something worthy to the Great Orchestra. I suddenly met many people who get together to make outstanding things and donate them for the orchestra auctions. These people were jewellers!

There are too many projects to type about here, so I just want to show you a sample of what we did :

I know it’s in polish, but you may see on the pictures how our Tiamat necklace travelled the country and how we created it. [The model is a famous traveller and writer Beata Pawlikowska, I just fell from my chair when I saw she picked our Tiamat necklace]:

a link to the Great Orchestra: http://en.wosp.org.pl/